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Corfu Churches: Discover the many beautiful churches of the island of Corfu Greece

    Corfu Greece has most than 800 churches and monasteries. Here is a short description of the most famous and respected churches of the island.

The church of St. Spyridon
The church of Saint Spyridon is located in the town of Corfu. It is the most famous of all churches in Corfu. The church was built in 1589 in order to replace the older church of Sorokos which was destroyed for the construction of the town’s walls. It is a single nave basilica with the highest tower bell of the island. The bell tower distinguishes itself for its red dome and clock. It reminds of the bell tower of the Orthodox church of Agios Georgios in Venice. The interior of the church were painted by Panagiotis Doxaras, a painter from Peloponnesus.
The church of Saints Jason and Sosispater

The church is located in the area of Paleopolis.

It is one of the most significant churches of the island and it is dedicated to Saint Jason and Saint Sosispater.

They were disciples of the Apostle Pavlos and were the first who brought and preached Christianity on the island of Corfu.

The church was built in the 10th century and its architecture is of cross-in-square type on two columns with a dome.

Only a few interior’s wall paintings and frescoes dating from the 11th-13th century have survived.

The Monastery of Panagia Palaiokastritsa

The monastery was built in the 13th century on the hill of Palaiokastritsa.

The monastery’s church was built in the 18th century.

It houses a small museum with Byzantine and post Byzantine icons.

The Monastery of the Blessed Virgin Platytera

The monastery is located in the suburb of Mandouki.

It was first built in 1743 and then renovated after its destruction in 1799 in the Franco Russian-Turk war.


  Only a small part of his work has been preserved as the paintings were degraded by the humidity. The church paintings where finally replaced by copies of Nikolaos Aspiotis. Agios Spyridon also houses beautiful icons with golden frames.

The church is dedicated to Agios Spyridon, the saint patron of the island of Corfu. The patron saint, before becoming a bishop, began his life as a shepherd in Cyprus. His life on the island of Corfu is related to many miracles.

It is said that his has saved the island from the Turks, the famine and epidemic. His relics were transferred from Constantinople and are kept in the church in a golden shrine created in Venice.

The interiors have been enriched by icons painted by the Cretan Emmanuel Tzanes.
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The early Christian Basilica of Paleopolis

The ruins of the Basilica of Paleopolis are located in the area of Kanoni, a suburb of Corfu town, opposite the entrance of the estate of Mon Repos.

The church was built in the 5th century by the bishop Jovian, on the site of a Roman public building.

The church was destroyed several times by each different invader: Vandals, Goths, Saracens, Normans...and by the bombings of the World War II. :more:

The church houses a number of valuable Byzantine and post Byzantine icons and painting of masters of iconography.

The visitor can also visit in the same area the grave of Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first governor of the newly built Greek State.

The Church of Pantokrator

It is the little church which is located on the little islet of Pontikonisi, opposite to the area of Kanoni.

It has the shape of an Orthodox church and it is dedicated to the transfiguration of Christ.

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