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Corfu villages: You can visit several villages in Corfu island greece



there are several villages to visit in corfuThe capital of Corfu Greece (Kerkyra) has the same name as the island and is one of the most elegant capitals in Greece. It has a population of approximately 30.000 inhabitants. Corfu town is also the principal port of the island and the largest in size and population in the Ionian Islands.
The town was built on a promontory and its architecture is influenced by all the civilisations that once occupied the island such as the Venetians, the French and the English.
Corfu Town has elegant buildings, mansions, palaces and monuments, flowered squares, fortresses… It is a town of unique charm and character with an atmosphere that can be found in towns such as Naples.
The town is separated into northern and southern sections. The old town is located in the northern section between the Esplanade and the new fortress. The Esplanade or Spianada is the central square of the town. It was turned by the French occupant into a public square and was designed following the French garden architectural style with many trees and flowers.

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The square welcomes every summer a competition of cricket match and it is the only place in Greece where the sport is practiced. The sport is a heritage from the English occupation. The Esplanade is surrounded by many beautiful buildings, monuments and the old Venetian fortress. One of the most beautiful buildings is the Liston. It is situated in the Western side of the Esplanade. The Liston was built during the French occupation and is famous for its arched terrace that was inspired by the elegant Rue de Rivoli in Paris. The terrace houses some of the most elegant cafés of the island.

The town of Corfu has many interesting monuments such as the old and the new Venetian fortresses, the Town Hall square, the square of the saints, the Ionion Academy, the Palace of Saint Michael and Georges but also beautiful neighbourhoods such as the Kanoni area where all the ruins of the Ancient city are located, the Mandouki area…

The town of Corfu is considered as one of the most beautiful and elegant towns in Greece and has an incredible number of sights to offer to the visitor.

Agios Mathaios is a mountainous village situated 25 km southwest of the island’s capital.

The village has a population of approximately 1.500 inhabitants. It is located inside a forest on the side of Mount Agios Mathaios.

The village has many charming stone houses and its income is mainly from agriculture.

A few km from the village is the beach of Agios Mathaios which attracts many visitors.
The village is also located near the deserted beach of Halikounas.

The area also offers different excursions to the visitor such as the 13th century Gardiki Fortress and the monastery Christou Pandokratora.

akrotiri village in corfuArgirades is situated 33 km south of the island’s capital and has a population of approximately 2.000 inhabitants.

It is the trade centre of the south part of the island and was first built during the Venetian occupation.

The village is situated near the beach of Agios Georgios, one of the most beautiful beaches of Corfu with a 12 km long sandy beach.


Benitses is a picturesque fishing village situated 13.5 km south of the island’s capital with a population of approximately 800 inhabitants.

The village has turned in recent years in a high touristic resort but the streets of the old village have managed to keep their character and authenticity.

The village has some tavernas, cafés, bars and accommodations and a sandy beach and many other beaches located in the area.

One of the attractions of the village is the shell museum with one of the best shell collection in Europe. The museum also has coral, shark’s jaws and fascinating fishes.


pyrgos village or pirgosGouvia and Dassia are the two first resorts north of Corfu’s Capital, approximately 8 km and 10 km away.

Gouvia has approximately 600 inhabitants and it is situated where a Venetian harbour originally was. It is today the main marina of the island and attracts yachts from all over Europe.

Gouvia is an attracting village with a concentration of activities. It has a large range of accommodations and also offers many tavernas, cafés, bars and night clubs. The village gets very busy in summer time.

Dassia has turned over recent years into a cosmopolitan resort. Dassia offers a wooded bay with a beach of pebble sand. Dassia also has some accommodations and many restaurants, cafés, bars and night clubs.

messaria village

The town of Kassiopi is situated 38 km north of the island’s capital and has a population of approximately 1.200 inhabitants.

Kassiopi is a little picturesque fishing resort situated in front of the Albanian coasts.

The village is dominated by a fortress built by the Romans and it is said that the Emperor Nero stopped there once.

The village has several tavernas, cafes, bars and accommodations. The area of Kassiopi proposes many beaches of unique beauty.


messaria villageLefkimi is situated 40 km south of the Corfu’s capital and has a population of approximately 5.000 inhabitants.

It is the second largest town of the island and the administrative centre of the south part of Corfu.

Lefkimi is also the second port of the island with ferries departure for Igoumenitsa.

It is located in a fertile plain full of olive trees and grapes. The town is famous for its wine but also for the fine architecture of the churches of Agioi Theodori and Agios Arsenios.


messaria villagePalaiokastritsa is a picturesque village situated 26 km northwest of Corfu’s capital that has a population of approximately 750 inhabitants.
It is one of the most famous villages of Corfu and it is today an important beach resort.
The village is surrounded by dramatic hills and cliffs. It is built around some of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the island, well known for their incredible colours and background.

The village has many taverns overlooking the beautiful bay as well as some accommodations. Above the village is located the Theotokou Monastery that was founded in the 13th century. A small museum exhibits Byzantine icons and jewelled bibles.

The area also has a 13th century Byzantine fortress, Angelokastro.


The village of Pelekas is a picturesque village situated 13 km west of Corfu’s capital, on a hill of 270 metres high. It offers a beautiful view over the surrounding area. The village is situated in the area of three sandy beaches: the famous Glyfada, Pelekas and Myrtiotissa.


Ypsos is situated 15 km north of the island’s capital and has a population of 450 inhabitants. Ypsos gets overcrowded in summer time and is one of the most developed villages of the island of Corfu. The area has a great variety of accommodations and several tavernas, cafés, bars and night clubs are concentrated on the coastal road, in front of a narrow pebbled beach.






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